Soilless Farming

Right from time, at the inception of farming, soil has been regarded as the only medium of growth for plants. It was seen as the storage bank containing all the essentials needed to facilitate plant growth, because it houses macro & micro-nutrients, water, beneficial microbes, and finally, it holds the root giving support to the stem.

his approach to farming does not utilize soil at all in plant growth. Crops are grown on cultures, or on water, or simply suspended in the air. The necessary nutrients are supplied to the crops during the period of growth at the right proportion and at the right time.

Unlike the traditional method using soil where crops need to ‘hustle’ with weeds for nutrients, water, space, sunlight, all these are absent in soilless farming. In fact, crops grown under this condition suffer less from pests and diseases attacks, also it saves a lot of water and resources.

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